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This is a story of turbocharging my Mercedes and it contains  plans that change many times over and some of the plans will never be realized.

My car is a four cylinder two litre Mercedes-Benz 190E (type W201) year model 1990. I bought it in april 2006 with 195 000 miles (314 000 km) on the clock. I had read about finnish Merc diesel turbo freaks who ran 11 second quartermiles and that made me interested in turbos. There are quite a few diesel fans on our Mercedes forum and there are some english topics, too.

My goal is a moderate power and quarter mile ET without losing the daily driver properties of the car.

The turbo is a BorgWarner (KKK) K03, which is used in the  VAG 1.8T-five valve engine. it should spool up early, we shall see. I thought I could use the remote mount system ( Rick Squires). I may use the Saab APC system to control boost pressure and knock. I got help from the guys at the local Saab club and  Cosworth club , who also play around with turbos and Bosch fuel and ignition equipment.

I bought a used cooler (Ford Focus heater) for the auto trans and a used radiator from a Saab 9000 T16 (core dimensions  500 mm x 400 mm x 36 mm) with electric fan.

I found a great instrument for testing my cars performance. It is an acceleration meter from the finnish firm Paetronicsin . It is based on acceleration sensors and the speed and distabce are calculated. It ranges to 124 mph (200 km/h) so it mey be enough for a while ,-) It records the time and distance at fixed speeds so I will interpolate the results I need in the quartermile run.

I found a Laycock - de Normanville -overdrive from a Voivo gearbox at forum, thanks to JuHaU. It needs a new end plate.

I ordered from the german eBay a differential with ABS and ASD and 3,46 ratio. Not installed yet.

I fixed my rear brakes by renewing the discs, pads and handbrake shoes.

In the summer '07 I bought a Tech Edge 2J1wideband lambda meter from Australia It has a programmable narrowband output for the manipulation of the Bosch CIS-E (KE-Jetronic) injection.

I added a trim pot in series with the water temperature sensor to be able to manipulate the temperature signal to the ECU. I also added a switch so I can activate the cold start injector if necessary.

I was at the local Bosch shop Klaukkalan Diesel for a dyno run before the turbo conversion and found out that quite a few horses have run away in 17 years ,-)