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The turbo works well. The first careful accelerations with about 3/4 throttle (no kick-down) gave a 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) of about 9.0 seconds which is about three seconds off the time. Detonation stopped me from giving full gas. After this I've dropped the basic fuel mixture to lambda = 0.9 (AFR = 13.2) and the ignition max advance is retarded by 6 degrees (25 -> 19) by setting the EZL to position N. There is practically now knock at part throttle.

The boost gauge shows about 0.5 bar (7 psi) vacuum at idle and when driving the pressure values are between -0.7 bar (-10 psi) and +0.7 bar (+10 psi). The wastegate should be rated 0.4 bars (6 psi) so maybe the wastegate won't open all the way? All the same the car is like newborn and the acceleration is satisfying. In the city the car works as good as before so I can crawl in the que with it. Tuning and testing continues...

There is problem with the rubber hose from the air meter to the idle valve which flies off at high boost. I must see how I can attach it better.

Here are a few pictures of the CIS-E (KE-Jetronic) injection air meter and fuel distributor unit. More pics from above, behind and below.

CIS-E injection unit

here is the problematic hose and it's attachment. Sergey from gave me some advice about the problem, must try them out.

The first WOT quartermile looks like this. The weight is about 2860 lbs and the result is 16.6@136 km/h (84.5 mph) measured with the Paetronicsin meter RS 100. This is 1.8 seconds off the N/A time. Base lambda is 0.9 and max advance is 19 degrees (EZL KAT pos N) with 98 RON pump gas.

First quartermile

The next subproject was an air to water intercooler. Bought a small pump and a heater core....never came to anything.

The copper brake line didn't work as the turbo oil line, it broke probably due to vibration. The smoke gave away the situation before any bigger damage. Must get a braided oil line.

Problems with boost hose because the compressor outlet is so small.

Still problems with knock. Dropped the ignition max advance to 17 degrees (EZL KAT pos 6).  The response off boost is not so good because if the ignition setting. The EHA base mechanical mixture value is 0,90 (AFR = 13.2). The programmable target lambda is also 0.90.

The oil line and boost hose work good now after using better parts.

The ignition is still under construction. I put the intake air sensor back in the system in the boost hose before the pressure box. It controls the ignition when intake air temperature exceeds 90 degrees F (32 degrees C). This may control the max ignition advance.

Beecause of the small base advance the engine is lazy and thirsty at cruise speed. I have considered building a programmable ignition controller from Jaycarin Electronic kits KC 5442, KC 5443 ja KC 5386. They are introduced in the Silicon Chip web magazine . One possibility is a Megasquirt with ignition only.