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The first installation job with Jyri (my machine shop and welding specialist) is the exhaust manifold. It's of the 4-2-1 type with constant tube size to keep up high flow. The tube size is 42.4 mm x 2.6 mm. The manifold is very short with good flowing joints.The tight curves are from the local hardware shop and the longer ones from the firm Naasky.

Last weekend Jyri made the pressure box (from sheet metal) and today he continued with the turbo flanges. The design criterias were functionality and rigidity without any bling. next weekend we're trying to instsll the turbo. The downpipe and exhaust pipe will be custom made. The internal wastegate will have a separate exhaust pipe which blends in the main downpipe as far away from the turbo as possible.

Pressure box

Turbo downpipe flange

Turbo and three flanges made by Jyri.


Here are some of the turbo "kit" prior to the ibstallation. The turbo has a 2.5" downpipe and the pipe size continues in the exhaust until it joins the original exhaust pipe.

The turbo in its final position..

Installation ready: view from the front....

...from the right side...

...with close-up...

...from the left side...

...with close-up...

The first driving experience are very positive. There is alot more torque in the low rpm's and the start off is good. The Bosch EZL ignition is in its original S position and the next thing is to start tuning the fuel mixtures and boost pressure. I guess i'll have to think about an intercooler, too. The more efficient radiator with electric fan awaits its installation.