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The turbo shaft broke and I'm searching for a new unit. I found this on and I'm waiting for it to arrive.

This is a brand new turbo and the model has been used in the Volvo 850 2-litre export model with 210 hp @ 5000 rpm. It has an internal wastegate and an internal bypass valve.The Volvo engine hasa  4-valve head so the mercedes M102 would require nore boost or revs to achieve that power level. The new manifold will be a simpler and sturdier log style manifold with worse flow than the earlier 4-2-1 manifold. The new downpipe will have a flexible joint. I hope this turbo is stronger than the earlier K03 which propably overrevved. At leat the flow chart looks more generous. This turbo also has watercooling so it needs a few water lines to draw.

The new turbo flanges arrived. The measures are exact and the quality of the water cutting is good. The material is 3/8" (10 mm) steel. Thanks to Hati at the forum.

The holidays and winter semester is over and the car has been waiting.

I'm looking for suspension parts and have so far found used anti roll bars from a 190E 2.3-16. thanks to Henkseli at I've also found used front springs from a 190E 2.5-16 AMG via our Spare Part Search. Once again dismantler Eriksson from Pietarsaari delivered me swiftly good parts. The springs are approx. 40% stiffer than my standard 190E springs. I'm looking for front control arms but they are hard to find on a budget. My intention is to change the whole suspension and axles to the 16-valve specs using W124 parts. The EPC net online database from Daimler AG is a great help in this job.

The exhaust manifold is finally ready and tested for the right position. This version is designed to be compact and durable and will not breathe as good as the first version. The new turbo is also put in place for the dimensioning of the downpipe. The radiator water hose must be rerouted and the turbo oil and water lines designed.

The 2,5" downpipe is ready and here are a few pics before the zinc paint and assembly. I hope the downpipe and the manifold last longer with the elastic joint.

The equipment in place and the first start. Oops...must clean the custom oil catcher.