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The next task is the installation of the programmable EMS. I bought a new DECS ECU from Holland. The specs of the ECU are quite adequate for me and the price is reasonable. More info at I have made some base maps for the ignition timing, injection time and volumetric efficiency (VE). These maps will be finetuned when I get the engine running with them. The ECU has self-learning capabilities which will help the tuning. I will use Saab 9-5 T16 injectors and fuel rail (below) with the original intake manifold. The injectors are 16 ohms Bosch 0280156023 which give 448 cc at 5 bar and they should be good for 250 hp. The throttle position sensor (TPS) is from Volvo 850, hope it fits ,-). I may use the Saab APC solenoid to control the boost.

The fastening points of the fuel rail doesnt fit the Merc engine so I'll make new stands for the fuel rail...

...which will move the fastening points inwards and lower down...

The fuel rail, injectors and the fuel lines are on their places. Parts are still needed in the idle circuit, TPS and boost hoses. I spared the bottom part of the KE-Jetronic air meter so that the gas wire and linkage are in their original fastenings.

Mechanical parts almost ready. The idle circuit is without a one way valve and air filter.The TPS is also waiting for the right placement. The boost tube's diemeter is two inches from the turbo to the intercooler and two and a half inches from the intercooler to the throttle chamber. One of the two ECU connectors is wired which means about one third of the wiring job.

The new boost tubing from above...

...and from the front. The new ignition amplifier can just be seen above the original one.

A view from the right side.

The mechanical installation should be OK now. I changed the ignition coil and the coil driver, which are standard parts of breakerless ignitions of the 1980's ant 1990's. You can find these in a Saab, Volvo, Opel etc. of that era. I also changed the fanbelt tensioner which was broken.

There were quite a lot of studying in the ECU wiring, especially the connectors. Now the engine runs fairly well when cruising but the idle needs more tuning.

Here is a generak view from the left front corner...

...and from thr front...

...and also from the right side.

A close-up from the intake air temp sensor from the local shop (copy of Bosch 0 280 130 039 with open end).

The throttle position sensor TPS. This Weber Marelli one has propably been in some Ford. I couldn't use the Volvo TPS because of the throttle linkage.

The ignition module (coil driver) with aluminium heat sink in the same place as the original EZL ignition module.

The belt tensioner.

And then starts the tuning of the DECS ECU maps...