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The next step is to improve launch and reduce slipping at gearchange by changing the auto transmission to a 5-speed manual transmission. With a little luck I might improve the top speed and fuel comsumption, too. I have bought a transmission from the model 190E 2.6 (type 717.435) which should endure a reasonable amount of torque. The clutch kit will be the 240 mm Sacsh 3000 824 202 or a copy which can take at least 232 lbft (315 Nm) of torque (Merc E220 CDI 1999-2002). The pedal assembly and the gear change mechanism also need to be changed.

The manual transmission went in two times because there was problems wuth the clutch slipping. The weight of the auto trans 722.4 with torque converter, oil and flex plate was about 137 lb (62 kg). The weight of the manual transmission  is 66 lb (30 kg), the flywheel after machining 15 lb (originally 24 lb) and the clutch kit 13 lb (6kg). The total weight changed from 137 lb to 94 lb which is a weight saving of 43 lb (19 kg).

Here is a picture of the lifting of the engibe and the automatic transmission together.

Here are components of the pedal assembly and gearchange mechanism I interchanged.

The clutch was slipping so I had to change it. The pressure plate is now Sachs Race Engineering model 88 3082 999 781 (Volvo T5). The clutch disk is a custom made for Mercedes 88 1864 999 998 (disk 88 1864 999 504/101 with hub 1848 999 092-931). The releaser bearing is Sachs 151 248 031. After this mod the clutch is not slipping any more.

I added a Davies Craig electrical water pump EWP80 (in series with the original pump) with electronic controller. The controller controls the electric water pump and the electric radiator fan. The thermostat is removed and the bypass is blocked. I can now adjust the engine temperature and the pump runs after the engine is stopped and cools the system. This is a great system!

The car also has an OMEX Clubman Rev Limiter with Launch Control which allows WOT launch and gear changes. It cuts the ignition but does not retard the ignition timing.

The turbo is upgraded from TD04HL-13G to TD04HL-19T by changing the compressor. There is still some work with the boost control though.

I had only a few test runs this summer 2011 with the manual box and new turbo etc. The times were modest compared to summer 2010. After the clutch slipping problems there was problems with tyre grip. For the next summer I will install the LSD diff (Mercedes ASD) and better rear tyres.