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The car is soon ready for the summer 2013. This is how it looks like under the bonnet.

The first tests on the quartermile gave a disappointing 16.4 seconds at 85.7 mph (137.9 kmph). The reason was the poor grip of the tyres on first and second gear.

Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials arrived from  Summit Racing.


The LSD diff (ASD) now has a remote control (working with a grease nipple and a vaselin press) under the back seat. The hoses are Volvo 70 brake hoses with M10x1.0 fittings.

The new tires and new limited slip worked quite well. My best ET is now 14,693 seconds / 93,7 mph (150,79 km/h) and my best 60 ft time is now 2,071 seconds (Alastaro Circuit).

The wiring for the fuse box and the relays is ready. Just the ECUs 26 wires need connecting ,-)

The wiring almost completed. The wideband lambda controller still needs a rewiring and I will also add the original AFR display.

Here is a little update. During adjusting the Adaptronic e420d ECU the ignition module and the fuel pump failed. The new fuel pump is a Bosch copy and the main differences are shown below. The hose from the tank needed a hydraulic nipple and a little filing but turned out OK. Also the wires to the pump needed bigger rings at the ends. Be sure to put the power and ground wires in the right place!

The crank sensor and triggerwheel didn't work too well, so I made the trigger teeth in the crank pulley. The PO-Metal machine shop did an excellent job, thanks. The sensor is the old VR type but a new Hall sensor is coming. The sensor is attached under the crank pulley (idea from using the oil pan screw holes.

The best run at Kiikala Burnout Party was 14.725 / 149.44 km/h (92.8 mph) which was 0.03 seconds slower than my best but the 60 foot time was 2.057 which is a new best time. In Lappeenranta the standing mile run final speed was 217 km/h (134.8 mph) which is 10 km/h (6.2 mph) better than the old best speed.

I drove a new ET record of 13.941 / 94.225 mph (151.64 kmph) with a 60 ft of 2.012 at the Boxer Speedday on Räyskälä airfield.  I had two sub 15 second times and three low 14 second times. One run gave a 1.996 60-footer which is my first ever sub 2 second 60-footer. The times seemed a little too good to be true and I was afraid the track was too short. On the other hand yhe temperature was 65 *F (18 *C) which is good for the engine and the grip of the coarse tarmac was awsome . Maybe the engine fine tuning is also starting to work good.

The new full aluminium Direnza radiator arrived from Eurospec Racing / It is designed for the Ford Escort mk4 Turbo RS. The core size is 495 x 300 x 50 (mm )and the total size without tubes etc. is 572 x 324 x 62 (mm). The hose fittings are 32 mm. I hope the cooling effect is better due to bigger water volume and bigger cooling surface.