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2019 - New automatic transmission more
2017 - The tenth year of the proeject and more speed with new turbo more

2016 - More power and better cooling more
2015 - Supercharger + Turbo continues more
2014 - Supercharger + Turbo more
2013 - Summer happenings. more
2012 - 2013 - Changing engine management system, supercharger and intercooler development, limited slip diff (ASD) etc. for spring 2013. more
2012 - Engine swap from 8 valves to 16 valves, M102.962 -> M111.944. more
2011 - The automatic transmission is changed to a 5-speed manual. more

200910- - The new EMS is installed and now it is time for the software tuning. more
200907-B - Changing over from KE-Jetronic to programmable EMS. more
200907-A - More power with small improvements. more
200905 - 200906 - The next task is the upgrading of the brakes and the suspension. more
200810 - 200905 - The car is running again with the new turbo, exhaust manifold and downpipe. more
200801-200809 - After the cylinder head job and a bigger intercooler the car ran yet a little better during autumn 2008, until the turbo shaft broke. more
200712-200801 - Next I changed the radiator and added a small intercooler. more
200709-200711 - That was the beginning of tuning and repair jobs. The car ran a lot better, but there was problems with detonation. more
200709 - In september 2007 the Merc got a turbo with the help of my friend Jyri. more
200604-200708 - The story of my Merc starts in april 2006, when I bought the 190E with 195000 miles on the clock (314000 km). The car was a little lazy with a two litre engine and four speed auto. I thought it could use a little more power. more